11 Feb 2011

Introducing the community project: Hansel & Gretelbot

Hansel & Gretelbot is the creation of 12 community members, names you may well recognise: Wexfordian , Comphermc , Morgana25 , rtm223, Hilightnotes , xkappax , Catiers , GruntosUK , CENTURION24 , Jaeyden , Cuzfeeshe and steve_big_guns . A few months ago the Community Molecule set them a challenge - could they create a full game experience? Their own complete LBP Theme, using the new LBP2 tools to develop all original story, mini-games, bosses, cutscenes, music, and voices. The team was gathered, designs were drawn up, themes were picked and building began, now several months later they are very nearly ready to launch their project for you to play! Once upon a time, in a little cottage on the edge...
10 May 2010

Tillkännager LittleBigPlanet 2'

Kom hit alla Sackfolk och hör upp, vi har något vi vill visa er - sitt ner, ta ett djupt andetag och titta på det här: vårt helt nya spel: LittleBigPlanet 2! Det har varit på gång länge, med mycket hysch-hysch och hemliga blinkningar, men det är nu med stor spänning och förväntan som vi äntligen drar upp ridån och visar vad vi sysslat med senaste ett-två åren. Vi är så ivriga på att få berätta allt om det för er, här finns så mycket verktyg och föremål som kommer ge er den ultimata skaparkraften för att bygga otroliga saker, inte bara mycket förbättrade nivåer, utan till och med hela spel, ni ska få se!
30 Apr 2010

‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 6: ‘Hopping Mad’

Like all our other vehicles, the pogostick itself is a 3D object. There was quite a lot of head-scratching over the design to start with because obviously if we made one that was realistically proportioned then it would be about half the height of your Sackperson. In other words, ridiculously tiny. We think our solution works pretty well however! For something so simple, this level is a real success. It just goes to show that you don’t have to make something massively complicated for it to be fun! Remember though, that when decorating, less is sometimes more. Don’t go too crazy with your stickers and materials just because you can. Now, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!