30 Apr 2010

LBP PSP Sackademy award Nominations 2010

Best Use of Story

Telling a story with LittleBigPlanet is often the last thing on a creator’s mind. However, some of you have taken the time to craft funny, interesting dialogue. And the Nominees are: A Dingo Down Under by amazingflyingpoo The Empire’s Striped Snack by tsr13 Now and Then by amazingflyingpoo

Best Vehicle

The rocket camel is a popular choice, and we’ve all made simple cars with a simple ‘grab switch and wheels’ set-up, but some creators have raised the bar. And the Nominees are: The Garage by MattAstr AT AT WALKER by SalieriAAX Steamroller: Calamity Construction by jackofcourse. Just because it pulls a wheelie, every time.

Most Promising Creator

We look at a lot of levels, and want to recognise the achievements of those creators who aren’t at the elite stage yet. With these levels, we really like what you’re doing; keep doing it! And the Nominees are: Tribal Transaction by Teebag A Curious Snack by indie_r3cords Golden Race by Bender_82 Yeti in the Alpine! WDSDN? by fastbro Cosmic Pinball (No Sackball Clone) by Maboe84

Greatest Artistic Achievement

Some community LBP PSP levels are just a joy to look at. For us, a level playing well is important, but the icing on the cake is when a level looks really tasty as well. And the Nominees are: STAR WARS: TIE in the sky by SalieriAAX Scenic of the Leaves by Spark151 Calamity Construction by jackofcourse The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch 1 by SeekingTruth86 Timber Canyon by VelcroJonze -----------GO_Japanese_Cake by Nackl The Empire's Striped Snack by tsr13 Bird of Paradise by jeffcu28

Most Innovative Creation

LittleBigPlanet is all about creativity, and when a creator does something innovative, we sometimes slap our foreheads (or someone else’s) and say “Why didn’t we think of that?" These creators thought outside the box. They also broke conventions, pushed envelopes and generally blew us away. Hats off to you. And the Nominees are: Zen by Jeffcu28 Visiting the Canyons by Spark151 Euphoric Physics by FULLGORR Sackboy Plays LBP PSP! by Cybersora The Interwebs by tsr13

Best Gameplay

Okay, this is it, the big one. We’ve got a lot of nominees, because there’s some cracking gameplay in all of them (and many other levels, but we had to stop including nominees at some point). And the Nominees are: The Harp of Seasons by Lleonard Fort Sugar III by VelcroJonze キャツスル by abchits Swamplands by Alismuffin Ice Castle by mopthefloo Pirates of the Carob Bean by Shade_seeker Castle Adventure by ibehuntin Trials of the Treasure God by XenonHMW A New Hop by tsr13 Calamity Construction by jackofcourse The winners will be announced very soon!