Jon Burgermans originalklistermärkespaket


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Release Date: 
25 Jun 2009

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LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2
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Baby Sausage, Fail Ale, Trouser, Stop It Zed Boy, Zippy Blue, Zombie Rock, Yellow Teeth, Zaaap, Zafron, Who's Nose, Wibblemuff, Wristy, Susan the Skull, Traffic Cone Bob, Waisted, Stickshot Pro, Stop It, Stupid George, SnPeace Outoppers, Snout, Spiky Head, Sad Bomb, Monster Arm, Sicknomore Tree, Pink Turnip, Pop Eye, Posey Parker, Pickle Pig, Piney Tree, Pink Mess, Ollie Miaow, Orange Arm, Peace Out, Mustard, Nother Nose, Oaky Tree, Mobby, Monsieur Orange, Mr Blue Bunny, Lickins Mouth, Little Tear, Man Leg, Hicky VanHipster, Jewleye, Leaves, Handy, Harry Carrot, Heximatosis, Grassle, Green Welly Bow, Gumps, Go On, Gooberry, Gootina, Felty the Pen, Furry Head, Glass Eye, Elmy Tree, European Leg, Farkward, Curly Arm, Daniel The Banana, Dribble Mouth, Clive, Coney McPink Whip, Crimble Tree, Bone, Bot Bot, Chez Burgerman, Aargh Mouth, Anton