Exclusive LBP3 unlocks!

Unlock Bonus Content!

Play Run Sackboy! Run! to collect Stickers for your very own Sticker Book to unlock bonus items for Run Sackboy! Run! Keep running and collect Special Stickers during your run to unlock exclusive content for other LittleBigPlanet games!

Play Daily to Earn Free Prizes!

Keep coming back each day to challenge your friends' high scores and unlock some free prizes for yourself including bubbles, Hearts, Stickers and evne Lucky Chests and Mega Lucky Chests that are just brimming full of goodies for your Sackboy.

Power-up and upgrade!

Whilst running across LittleBigPlanet, your Sackboy can utilise special Power-ups to aid them in their escape of the Negativitron and collect bonus goodies!

The Magnet - The nifty little device will pull all nearby Bubbles and Prize Bubbles towards you as you run.

The Jetpack - Grab this and jet off to a secret route that's just chock full of bonus bubbles to collect.

The Glider - Hit a Bounce Pad with the glider equipped and glide high above the ground to avoid danger and collect bubbles.

You can even spend your hard-earned Bubbles to give each of these Power-ups a permanent Upgrade!

Find stickers and win!

Unlock Costumes and Multipliers!

Complete Missions to raise your Mission Level and play regularly to earn Bubbles to unlock in-game costumes; both of these will give your Score Multiplier a permanent super-boost for the highest scoring of Sackfolk!

Boost to Victory!

Earn Boosts in-game to give to give your run a quick boost to victory! Bubble multipliers, Automatic Shields, Missile Jammers, Level Skips and more can be unlocked as you play! Enable these boosts at the beginning of your run to get a real-head start on the Negativitron.

Play Against Friends

Increase your Mission Level, unlock costumes, upgrade your Power-ups and combine all of these together to run for the highest possible score! Compare your score against your Facebook Friends and aim to be the best Run Sackboy! Run! player around!

Visit iconic worlds!