23 Apr 2010

‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 3: ‘Construction Derby’ – Sam Dickinson, Designer

The first was the Forklift Truck. It worked exactly how we wanted, but unfortunately it was prone to falling over when lifting a heavy load. So what we did was attach some peach floaty material to each load, to make it a lot lighter and stop the forklift falling over. Just like in real life, the pallet was essential to allow loads to be lifted easily.

Next, we wanted to pick up some really big things. So we made the Crane, with a hook. Then we realised that it would be even cooler to be able to pick things up if they didn’t need something for the hook to attach to. So we made a claw attachment and now we can grab almost anything - as long as it’s not gigantic! THEN we thought it would be great to make something which would allow Sackboy to reach new areas and move things around with him, so we made the platform attachment. Finally, we wanted something to act as a wrecking ball (because we just couldn’t resist a little tiny bit of smashing things up), and had lots of fun attaching random objects to the crane arm with a winch, like wheels from other vehicles, toy soldiers etc. So we thought we’d leave you to do the same.

We love cement mixers, and had quite a time making one that:
  • Sackboy could get into easily.
  • Could lay cement.
  • Looked like a cement mixer.

But we cracked it. The cement mixer’s probably the largest vehicle in the entire pack, with wheels that are about twice the size of Sackboy himself. The Monster Truck doesn’t even come close!

Okay, we can pick things up and move them around, but what about using a smaller vehicle? It’s bulldozer time. But this is no ordinary bulldozer. What we really needed was to be able to move things around and then put them behind the bulldozer itself. Now, real bulldozers can’t do that, but in LittleBigPlanet, pretty much anything is possible, right? This bulldozer can raise its blade right over and tip things out behind it. Problem solved! So there you have it: how we made all the vehicles for our construction site level. Next time, I think we’ll do something silly.
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