Kit de níveis de Adventure Time™


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Release Date: 
29 Apr 2015

Release dates may vary, depending on your territory.

Product Compatibility: 
LittleBigPlanet 3
DLC Categories: 
Fundos, Roupas, Decorações, Níveis, Materiais, Música, Objectos, Autocolantes


16 Materials, 4 Objects, 25 Decorations, 81 Stickers to design with!

2 Original Music tracks ("A Blip and a Bubble", "Manlorette Party"), 1 Interactive Music track ("Zombie Loop") and 3 Cinematic Stingers ("Tragedy of Jake", "Level 1" and "Distortion Dirge") by original Adventure Time composer, Tim Kiefer.

Land of Ooo Level Background

A Bonus Fionna Costume: Fionna hat, Fionna hair, Fionna Blouse, Fionna Skirt, Fionna Shoes, Fionna Sword