29 Oct 2010

New servers bring new features!

Cool Levels

Cool Levels and Highest Rated now work slightly differently, and also need a little bit of time to settle down, so may look weird for a few days. The new servers allow us to tweak the way that Cool Levels works much faster than before, so we may play around with it a bit to get it working just the way we want it!


If you look under the new MmPicks Search category, you’ll find a selection of our favourite levels. The current selection has been taken from the Media Molecule blog, and we will be adding to it over time. Enjoy!

Play Queues

Queues are now active in LittleBigPlanet! When you find a cool level you think you might want to play later, you can just hit the square button, and then choose to add it to your Queue. Your Queue can be found in Searches > My Searches. This will be an even more useful feature once we launch LBP.me, as you’ll be able to add levels to your queue from the web!

Al these changes and more secret and hidden things pave the way for both LBP.me and LittleBigPlanet 2, exciting!
littlebigplanet 2