17 Jul 2013

Head to the Store for Sackgirl’s Casual Friday!

It’s a fashion frenzy on LittleBigPlanet with the first of two Casual Friday Packs released on the Store today. Its ladies first as the Sackgirls get to grab their new styles with the Sackgirl’s Casual Friday Costume Pack this week.

Casual Friday Female Pack Header

These new outfits will make sure that your Sackgirl keeps ahead of the latest fashion trends and if you consider yourself to be a true trendsetter on LittleBigPlanet, then you will want to download the wallpaper below that is available in a variety of sizes for all the latest gadgets and mobile devices.


16:10 Widescreen
4:3 Square
1920x1080 PlayStation®3
960x544 PS Vita
640x960 HD Mobile
Forum Signature Banner

So head on over to the Store today and pick up these great new costumes for your Sackgirls and don’t forget to come back in a couple of weeks to pick up some new styles for your Sackboys too!