14 Jun 2016

Tiki Paradise Level Kit available now!

Sackboy and Toggle head off for an exotic holiday this week with the release of the Tiki Paradise Level Kit for some grand adventures, exploration and to collect some souvenirs for creating their own Tiki-themed creations back home.

A Brand New Level – Tiki Paradise

Play as either Sackboy or Toggle in the brand new Tiki Paradise level and use their unique abilities to progress through the beach, the local tiki huts and a fiery volcano!


3 New  Tiki Paradise Costumes

Visit the Tiki Paradise and pick up three new costumes for Sackboy, Sackgirl and Toggle.

2 Music Tracks and 9 Music Sequencer Instruments

Add some Tiki-themed music to your levels with two brand-new Music Tracks or expand your repertoire with 9 Music Sequencer Instruments and craft your very own music tracks with these new instruments.

A New Background - Paradise Island

Instantly whisk yourself away to your very own private Tiki Paradise with a new Background for Create Mode or publish it and let the rest of your Sacktourist friends visit your Paradise Island.

21 Materials, 16 Objects, 35 Decorations, 69 Stickers

Tiki Paradise is a bountiful paradise that is chock full of new goodies for Sackboy and Toggle to collect to add to your Popits for creating your own levels.


Find out more about the contents of the Tiki Paradise Level Kit in our Game Add-ons Catalogue.