13 Apr 2012

New features in Update 1.12

Dive-In Improvements

We've made some improvements to the Dive In feature, and moved it to be in a better place. Selecting Dive In from the Community menu will instantly try to match you with some other sack folk to play with, and if it can't find a game for you to join, it makes it easier for people to join you, give it a go!


There a few things more disheartening than seeing a sad face on a level you've spent a lot of time on, especially if it's the first feedback you get. We have removed Boos from level ratings in a bid to encourage creativity in the community, and cut down on hurt feelings. If you have some feedback you'd like to leave for the player to help them improve their work, leave them a comment or a review, and If you find a level that you think needs some attention from us, something rude or offensive perhaps, then please use the Good Grief feature to flag it.

Comments and reviews

We know comments and reviews can sometimes turn nasty, and no one likes to read mean comments about their creations. To combat this we've given you the ability to disable comments and reviews on each of your levels and your profile, just in case you feel like putting your fingers in your ears and going 'nernernernernerner" until the meanies go away.

Important: This can only be done via LBP.me!

To disable comments and / or reviews, follow these steps

  • Select "Settings" in the Option drop down menu in the top right corner.

You will be taken to a page that lists all your levels. ticking / un-ticking the boxes allows you to disable or enable comments and reviews for each level and your profile.

If you disable comments and reviews they will no longer be shown on the levels you selected, but they aren't all deleted, and will return if you choose to enable them again.

Players will be unable to leave new comments. They are still able to leave reviews, but these won't be displayed until you enable reviews again. That way you won't miss any constructive feedback even if you do choose to disable reviews for a little while.

And remember folks, if you don't have anything nice or helpful to say, it's best not say anything at all!

These new features on LBP.me will be available from Tuesday 17th April.

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