16 Jan 2018

Lumys - This Was Made In LittleBigPlanet?!

Lumys is a 2D cartoon platformer created by both patricao73 and viinssouille with a soundtrack created by sakusaku-_-y. Instantly you will notice that your Sackboy or Sackgirl has been replaced by the titular Lumy on their quest to save their Lumy friends.

Video by LittleBigPlanet Show

Moving to the right, you will discover that you there are multiple levels to choose from and each has its own Lumy to reach to complete the level and a number of bonus items to collect within the level to increase your overall score.

Completing each level will mark it as complete in the main hub world and the game will remember which Lumys you have saved and collectibles you have collected between game sessions. Which means that you can take a break and return anytime to continue your quest to save all of the Lumys and collect all of the collectibles.

Which is a good thing for you because if you continue past the first three levels in the Hub World... You will find that there are even more themed worlds containing their own set of levels with Lumys that are just waiting for you to save them!

The difficulty increases as you progress though and the later levels can be quite puzzling too.
It will certainly be a challenge but do you have the platforming skills to save all the Lumys? There's only one way to find out! Head on over to Lumys today and try to save them all!

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