14 Nov 2017

LittleBigDuel 2: Academy - This Was Made In LittleBigPlanet?!

LittleBigDuel 2: Academy is the 2nd title in MilleogFreja's trading card game series that whisks you away to "Duel Island" to battle opponents and win points to purchase booster packs to increase your card collection and improve your deck.

Video by MilleogFreja

Your journey takes place on Duel Island and you are tasked with clearing all of the opponents on the map to increase your rank, earn currency points and unlock more difficult challengers to duel.

The Duel Shop features a variety of Card Packs to spend your earned currency points. Each Card Pack's contents are randomised but the variety of Card Packs on offer allows you spend more currency points for the chance to be rewarded with more specialised cards or to overall increase your odds of receiving a more valuable card.

Using the Deck Editor will allow you to build your deck from your currently collected cards and with this level offering save progression,  you can come back anytime to continue building your collection to develop the greatest LittleBigDuel deck to defeat your opponents.

If you're a trading card game fan, you will definitely want to pop over to LBP.me and Queue up LittleBigDuel 2: Academy to begin your quest to become the ultimate card collector when you next visit LittleBigPlanet!

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