19 Oct 2010

LBPC PSP Creator Spotlight - Jeffcu28


Art can take many forms. It can be a beautiful painting, a thought-provoking sculpture, or a moving composition of music. It's not often one thinks of video games when the word "art" is brought up, even less so when it comes to handheld games. Enter Jeffcu28: Calm, collected, well-spoken, and absolutely determined to change the world's mind about what form an artist's canvas might take. Since the release of LittleBigPlanet PSP in November 2009, Jeffcu28 has treated us to some of the most incredible and varied levels we could possibly imagine. We've bounded across giant flowers, watched a level being painted right before our little button eyes, and experienced the vengeful sadness of a love story gone terribly wrong. And then there's that other level he made... but I can't quite remember at the moment what it was all about. No matter, I'm sure it was epic. Let's go ask Jeffcu28 to tell us all about it.
Read the huge interview with Jeffcu28 over on LittleBigPlanet Central, and enjoy the video below of his Creator Rewind, taking a look at some of the levels behind the name, and how they've been put together!