23 Jun 2010

LBPC Creator Spotlights: Teebonsey, Jump_Button and Poms


If you could list your favorite thing about LittleBigPlanet, what would it be?
My favorite thing is twofold - First is the ability to prize your brain open like a dusty old crate and let loose the wild beasties within in an unheard-of capacity. The second is the ability to actually experience in a strange way the untamed insides of so many other peoples' brains.
Part of that experience is how the "LBP level" is its own medium and we've been able to explore it, to innovate with it, to invent with it. It's a microcosm of every major new art form. We are the first filmmakers, the first recorders of music, the first photographers, all in the shoebox diorama version of the universe that is LittleBigPlanet.
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What creators and levels (if any) have inspired you to create?
There are a lot of good creators and levels that inspired me to do better and to keep going, a lot I wish I had the idea or the know how. But I don’t like looking into LBP for inspiration, I feel that they are [other creators'] levels and wouldn't want to take from them. Being inwards-looking is very limiting and do we really need more of the same? That's why we see fads like the sharks.
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What was the first full level you ever built? And what was it like?
I had already finished story mode and had picked up nearly all the prize bubbles. I thought there was not much else to do with it. Everything changed during a conversation I had in New Year's night back in 2008.
A local friend talked to me about the “endless” possibilities of the level editor and he really encouraged me to try to build a level. Back home I started to play in create mode, and picked up the Metropolis motorcycle and built a circuit. I spent a week trying to make it work properly and published it under the name of “Hell’s Angels”. There were no loopings, no lighting effects, no Devils, etc. It was a really noobish level (it probably still is), but I had a really great time making it and learning to use the tools was great fun too.
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