15 Dec 2010

Introducing LBP.me, the new community portal

If you already play LittleBigPlanet you can sign in right now and see your own page. You'll want to change your privacy settings though (see below). Once logged in you'll see your recent activity feed, showing all the things your friends and hearted creators have been up to. You'll also find whole load of features to play with that will help you discover loads of new levels and games, as you browse through millions of creations, adding the interesting ones to your in-game queue as you go.
Play around with the settings and filters and customise your feed and pages to be just how you want them. You can even use our widget wizard to build yourself a customised widget for your blog or forum signature, etc. Have a look around!

Privacy settings

Because LBP.me takes data straight from the game and puts it on the web, we've added some privacy settings so you can control what information is shared. We've defaulted this to be in the super strength maximum security mode, and so to see anything cool on the web, you will need to change your preferences. You can do this in-game or straight from the web! Check out this FAQ item for more information.

Please Share!

LittleBigPlanet is about Playing, Creating and Sharing, and even though we have defaulted all the privacy settings to off, we'd really love everyone to open up their levels and profiles to the world, it will really help the community to grow, and be a huge benefit! Thanks for listening, pop back again soon, as we'll be updating the site over coming weeks to incorporate more LittleBigPlanet 2 information and fun things to look at, for now though, now go and check out lbp.me!
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