25 Oct 2016

Challenges arrive to LittleBigPlanet 3!

It’s time to put your skills to the test against your friends and the rest of the LittleBigPlanet community with our brand-new Challenges!

Every two weeks you will find a new Challenge that will drop you into a new level and you will be tasked with achieving the highest possible score for brand-new Bronze, Silver and Gold Pins to add to your Pins Collection to show off your gaming prowess.

The fun doesn’t end there though as each Challenge will also be awarding another trio of Pins for the Sackfolk that are able to finish somewhere within the top half of the Scoreboard when the Challenge ends! So the higher up the Scoreboard you are when the Challenge ends… The more Pins you will be awarded!

Think you’re up for the Challenges?
Here’s a sneak peek at the first three Challenges that you will be able to play this year!

Over the Line
20/Oct/2016 – 02/Nov/2016

OddSock returns to Newton’s Airship for our very first challenge.

Keep OddSock above the line and avoid the fireballs to boost your score into the stratosphere.
The longer you can survive, the higher your score will go!

Pixel Pace
03/Nov/2016 – 16/Nov/2016

Return to Avalonia and run, jump and climb your way to victory in a brand-new race.

You will need to be quick-footed though because the stage scrolls automatically and you will need to keep your Sackboy or Sackgirl on the screen the entire time to survive to the end of the race!

Hare-y Fists
17/Nov/2016 – 30/Nov/2016

Hop into Robo-Bunny Mk. II and test your boxing skills where you will need to hop and punch your way to a high score.

Make sure to avoid the dangers and punch the targets accurately to show everyone that you’re the best boxing bunny around!

And many, many more to come!

That’s just a small preview of some of the exciting Challenges that you will be seeing.

Make sure to check out the Challenges every two weeks to see just what Challenges await you beyond these first three!