2 Aug 2016

Seaside Surprise Level Kit available now!

Take a magical trip to the seaside with the Seaside Surprise Level Kit for a grand ol' time and make sure to comb the beach, funfair and theatre for a collection of seaside and magic-themed goodies for creating your own levels.

A Brand New Level - Seaside Surprise

Sackboy and Sackgirl can take a lovely seaside holiday in the brand-new Seaside Surprise level to enjoy the local attractions and can even pop-by the threatre for a surprising magic show!


2 New Seaside Surprise Costumes

Whilst you're at the seaside, you can pick up two new costumes that will turn your Sackboy and Sackgirl into either a magnificent magician or a glamourous assistant.


1 Interactive Music Track, 9 Music Sequencer Instruments, 41 Sound Effects

Add a jolly seaside tune to your own creations with a new Interactive Music Track or compose your own ditty with 9 Music Sequencer Instruments. 41 new Sound Effects are also available to really help visitors to your seaside attraction really feel as though they're by the sea.

A New Background - Seaside Pier

A trip to the seaside just wouldn't be complete without a visit to the pier reaching out into the sea and with the new Seaside Pie background; visitors to your level will be able to see this lovely pier wherever they go.

17 Materials, 3 Objects, 38 Decorations, 97 Stickers

It just wouldn't be a trip to the seaside without picking up a selection of souvenirs that you can use in creating your own seaside and magic-themed creations!


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