10 Apr 2019

LittleBigPlanet - PSN Online ID Change FAQ

So your Sackboy or Sackgirl has recently changed their Online ID on PSN and you want to know how it will affect your experience on LittleBigPlanet?

The good news is that changing your Online ID will have a very minimal impact on your LittleBigPlanet experience and you can find out exactly how your Player Profile will be affected in this handy-dandy FAQ!

If you require more general support on how to change your Online ID:
Please visit the announcement here.

What happens when I change Online ID?

Our aim is to make your Online ID change transition as seamless as possible, so when you change your Online ID on PSN and log into LittleBigPlanet, an updated profile will be created for you under your new Online ID that will contain most of your existing player profile data!

There are a small number of exceptions though for data that cannot be copied over and we recommend that you read the below to familiarise yourself with the changes that may impact your LittleBigPlanet Player Profile when changing your Online ID.

All of the information below relates to your Player Profile in the following titles:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

What is unaffected by changing my Online ID?

  • DLC
    Your DLC is managed by your PSN account and you will still have access to your LittleBigPlanet DLC upon changing your Online ID.
  • My Friends
    My Friends is based off your PSN account’s Friends and will be automatically updated upon changing your Online ID.

What player profile data will be moved over to my new Online ID?

  • My Profile including received Hearts
  • My Levels including received Hearts/Plays/Reviews/Comments
  • My Playlists
  • Hearted Levels
  • Hearted Players
  • Hearted Playlists
  • Your Earth
  • About Me
  • Pins
  • Photos I’ve Taken
  • Privacy Settings

What Player Profile data WILL NOT be moved over to my new Online ID?

  • Level Scores
    Your Level Scores will remain on Scoreboards under the Online ID that you submitted it under.
  • Reviews/Comments/Ratings
    Reviews/Ratings will remain published under the Online ID that you originally published them under.
  • Comments left on my Player Profile
    These will remain on your previous Online ID’s player profile but will be locked to prevent additional comments being made on your old Online ID.
  • Custom Content
    Any custom-made content such as Objects, Costumes or Stickers will be credited to the Online ID you were using that originally created them. You will still have access to them in your Popit though and can still edit/capture them. Any newly captured creations will then be attributed to your current Online ID.
  • Photos Taken of Me
    Photos taken of you will remain attributed to the Online ID you were using at the time of the photo being taken.

What happens to my old Online ID on LittleBigPlanet?

It will be locked to prevent further changes and you will no longer have access to it.


Will players that have Hearted me still have me hearted?

Yes! When you create a new Online ID and log into LittleBigPlanet, their Heart for your previous Online ID will be moved over to your new Online ID!

Will players that I have Blocked on my previous Online ID still be Blocked on my new Online ID?

Any players that you have Blocked on LittleBigPlanet with your previous Online ID will still be Blocked on your new Online ID.


What happens if I revert back to my Old Online ID?

If you decide at any time to revert back to your old Online ID, your data from your most recently used LittleBigPlanet Player Profile will be copied back to your older Player Profile and this profile will be unlocked again for you to use.