The Incredibles Level Kit


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Release Date: 
8 Apr 2010

Release dates may vary, depending on your territory.

Product Compatibility: 
LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2
DLC Categories: 
Dekorasjoner, galleribrett, Gjenstander, Klistremerker


6 Objects: Monorail Pod Top, Monorail Pod Bottom, 1960's Lighting Fixture, Syndrome's Scanner, Laser Probe, The Underminer's Drill 9 Materials: Black Leather with Buttons, Memorabilia, Retro Fabric - Gingham, Slate Tiles, Brushed Steel, Retro Fabric with Boxes, Beige Fabric with Leaves, Long Flat Bricks, Ceramic Shards 11 Decorations: Blue Retro Car Fin, Green Retro Car Fin, Pink Retro Car Fin, Big Retro Car Grille, Small Retro Car Grille, Beige Retro Radio Console, Black Retro Radio Console, Brown Retro Radio Console, Police Car Light, Satellite Dish, The Underminer's Microphone 86 Themed stickers Music: "No Caper" Background: Edna Mode's Home All neatly showcased in a Gallery Level

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