7 Jun 2012

New features for Lists and Pins!

Pins! We're pleased to announce that this week we're launching some powerful new share features to the LittleBigPlanet community portal, ! If you're someone who loves hunting down the very best community creations and sharing them with the world, we're got just the thing for you... Lists ...aka LOLZ - Lists of "LevelZ" This is the biggest feature update for since we launched the site. Lists are shareable collections of levels, unique to Anyone signed in to can create a list – in fact, everyone is allowed to create up to twenty lists. Adding a list is simple. Simply head on over to a level page that you'd like to add to a new list. On...
19 Jan 2011

The LittleBigMap

The LittleBigMap collates together LBP discussions and content from across the web, and plots some of the latest and best videos, pics and tweets on a handy and familiar map interface. So, at a glance you can see that thousands of people are contributing to the LBP community from all over the world – and then you can zoom in, navigate around and take a look at some of the content they’re sharing. There are some nice photos in Hawaii, for starters. :) The extra cool thing is – the LittleBigMap notices when URLs are included in video descriptions, screenshots and tweets, and automatically pulls in stats and information about that level. It’s another way of discovering the most...
10 May 2010

Annuncio LittleBigPlanet 2'

Radunatevi qui intorno, Pupazzi di pezza e ascoltate: abbiamo qualcosa da mostrarvi. Sedetevi, fate un bel respiro e guardate qua... è il nostro gioco, nuovo fiammante, LittleBigPlanet 2! Per realizzarlo c'è voluto molto tempo, molti sotterfugi e qualche strizzatina d'occhio, ma siamo incredibilmente felici di poter finalmente sollevare il sipario e così mostrarvi ciò a cui abbiamo lavorato in quest'ultimo anno o due. Insomma, non vediamo l'ora di raccontarvi tutto: ci sono così tanti nuovi strumenti e oggetti, qui dentro, che ti daranno il potere creativo definitivo e potrai costruire cose incredibili, non solo livelli enormemente migliorati, ma anche interi giochi. Vedrai!