Life, It’s not always roses, sometimes things break, explode, or get eaten by a manatee. If something is going wrong with your game, you’re going to want to seek some technical support.

Our advice is that you first scour the Frequently Asked Questions to see if they hold the answer, and then if all else fails, you should contact PlayStation® Support by calling the number in your manuals, or by visiting the PlayStation® Support site - good luck, look out for hungry sea cows!

Report naughty behaviour!

Remember to behave yourself when you’re playing with strangers. No sweary marys or anti-social cyrils, you dig? If someone is misbehaving, or you see something offensive in a level, then you can report it by hitting Select Buttonto bring up a Good Grief report form. Then, the vengeful gods of LittleBigPlanet will rain down terrible frowns upon the offending mortals and speak lowly of them in general conversation. So be warned!