7 May 2010

PSP Sacky Winners 2010

Best Use of Story

The Empire’s Striped Snack by tsr13

This level is filled with funny, well-written dialogue that puts the gameplay into context and complements the visuals perfectly. You can’t ask for more. Stand-out moments: all the puns!

Best Vehicle

The Garage by MattAstr

An obvious inspiration for the upcoming Turbo! Premium Level Kit, this level lets you choose different vehicle components, and gives the player some really interesting choices. Pure class.

Most Promising Creator

Bender_82 for Golden Race

We just keep coming back to this level. It's short, but it keeps us hooked all the way through with solid gameplay. More please!

Greatest Artistic Achievement

STAR WARS: TIE in the sky by SalieriAAX

This level has so many clever touches: the blast doors, the effect of having about four thick layers using only two, the list goes on. Stand-out moment: the scoreboard, with the Emperor and Darth perfectly in the frame. We love it.

Most Innovative Creation

Zen by Jeffcu28

This level is just inspired. It's a definite contender for the Gameplay and Artistic Sackies as well, but what we remember most about this level is its pure inventiveness, and that's what LBP is all about. Stand-out moment: Jumping on the stones, triggering ripples with a water drop sound. Genius.

Best Gameplay

The Harp of Seasons by Lleonard

A complete little adventure, with a perfect balance of platforming, puzzles, and variety of themes. Stand-out moment: opening the door to the temple and realising there's lots more to play. Very, very good.

The winners will be the first recipients of the new Super Sackboy Trophy Rare Sticker!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners; you’re a credit to the community, and deserve a lot of recognition for your achievements.