3 Oct 2017

Rise of Rome by Shaggy40000 - This Was Made In LittleBigPlanet?!

Rise of Rome is a strategy war game that puts you in command of the legions of Ancient Rome, as you begin a campaign across the continent to turn the Roman Empire into the major superpower of Europe.

What really sets Rise of Rome apart from the outset is the use of custom artwork and music to bring this campaign war game to life before your very eyes.

Video by SakuraLBP

You begin your campaign from ancient Italy and it's your task as the Commander to slowly increase your reach across Europe by declaring war against neighbouring countries and states of varying difficult.

This game features numerous unit types at your command with more unlocked as you progress through your campaign, a built-in wiki is also included to explain them all to you.

Rise of Rome is a suitably long game and the Memoriser has been put to excellent use to allow to save your progress on your Campaign Map, allowing you to leave the game and come back another time to pick back up from where you left off.

Head on over to LBP.me and Queue up Rise of Rome for when you next play LittleBigPlanet 3!

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