21 Feb 2018

Born By Rain - This Was Made In LittleBigPlanet?!

Born By Rain is an incredibly slick beat 'em up by rothniel that sees the player taken to a dark and gritty world where they assume the role of a father on the search for his kidnapped son.

Video by MrShuanji

Your character can move easily and gets plenty of opportunities to interact with the environment to allow him to progress on his mission.

You will encounter numerous enemies throughout the level and you have a variety of staple beat 'em up attacks to help you defeat them. There is even a lead henchman at the end of the level that poses a challenging boss battle before you can complete the level.

The story is told in a comic book style with pop-up dialogue for NPCs that you encounter and an opening cinematic to introduce the player to the character that they will be playing and their mission.

Throw in some clever platforming for a beat 'em up and you have a fantastic game created in LittleBigPlanet that's so remarkable in its design that it will truly make you forget that you're playing LittleBigPlanet! Make sure you check out Born By Rain today!

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