3 Jun 2011

A very warm welcome to new players!

* New to playing LittleBigPlanet? * Get started with Creating in LittleBigPlanet * I need help / support! You can find all kinds of other guides, including a complete DLC catalogue in the about section of this very website.

Play online!

Once you have played some of the story mode, perhaps you'd like to make your way onto the community - a massive world of creative delights, with over 4 million levels made by other players for you to investigate. * Discover the community * How to find levels online

The Community

Whilst this site is a good starting point for getting to grips with LittleBigPlanet, if you find yourself wanting to find out more in depth creation tips, good level suggestions or perhaps just some friends to play online with and get those elusive x4 unlock-ables, you'll be wanting to go out into the wider LBP world. Below are some links to some places on the web where you should be able to find these things! * LBP.me (Find out more about LBP.me) * LBP Official Forums * LBP on PlayStation Europe Forums * LittleBigPlanet on Facebook * LittleBigPlanet on Twitter * LBP Wiki

Fan forums & News

* LittleBigPlanet Central * LittleBigNetwork * LittleBigPlanetarium * LittleBigLand * LittleBigPodcast