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Mitä teen jos törmään loukkaavaan käytökseen LittleBigPlanet-pelissä?

We have a team of moderators working around the clock to ensure that LittleBigPlanet and the PlayStation Network remains a safe environment to play. However if you encounter any problems with other users or content whilst playing LittleBigPlanet, here’s how you can report inappropriate content to them and how to block offensive users from communicating with you.

Reporting Offensive Content

If you encounter any content that you consider to be offensive, you can report it to our moderation team by pressing the Select button in-game to open up the “Good Grief!” form, which will allow you to submit a screenshot of the offensive content, along with providing a tag that describes the exact nature of the offense.

Once you have submitted a Good Grief report, it will added to our moderation team’s report queue and they will endeavour to investigate your report asap and if they agree that the content is unacceptable, they will remove the content from the game and may even enforce warnings or suspensions against persistent offenders.

Please only report content that is offensive or otherwise unacceptable for LittleBigPlanet.
This tool must not be used for content that you simply do not like and anybody found to be abusing the Good Grief tool may find themselves getting in to trouble too.

Reporting a Problem User

If you wish to report a problem user that is causing you grief, you can find out how to do so here:

This online form will give you the opportunity to explain the exact nature of your grievance, which will assist with our moderation team’s investigation of the issue.

Blocking a Problem User on LittleBigPlanet

If you wish to block a problem user, head on over to and Sign-In using your PlayStation Network account. Once you are signed-in, go to the profile of the user that is causing you problems and click on the false button in the toolbar at the top of the page.

This will bring up some more information on the blocking functionality including a new button under the user’s profile description, false.

Just click on this button to confirm that you would like to block the user and they will no longer be able to post any Comments or Reviews on your Levels or User Profile.

Blocking a Problem User on the PlayStation Network

LittleBigPlanet and the PlayStation Network use two different messaging systems, so you may find that an unwanted user attempts to contact you with a PlayStation Network message instead.

This isn’t a problem though and the user can be easily blocked on here too. Simply highlight a message from the offending user and press the Triangle button. This will bring up a bunch of options including “Add to Block List”. You will be asked to confirm, so click on “Yes” and you will now add this user to your PlayStation Network Block List.

This user will now be unable to send you PlayStation Network messages.

Advice on How to Deal with Problem Users

Whilst it is rare that you may run into a problem user, there are a few steps you can take to save you a whole heap of trouble should you be unfortunate enough to encounter such a user.

• Use the Good Grief Tool 
Report their offensive content to our moderation team so that they can investigate the issue.

• Don’t Respond to Them 
Problem users crave attention. Simply don’t give them the satisfaction of responding and most of the time they will get bored and leave you alone.

• Block Them 
If you find that a user persists with bothering you, you should block the user on LittleBigPlanet and on the PlayStation Network to prevent them from being able to contact you.

• Do Not Post Private Information Online

You should be cautious when posting private details including information such as your email address, Facebook page and Twitter name. Please remember that once you post these contact details publicly, they are out there for everybody to see. 


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