8 Nov 2010

From YellowHead to Sackboy

“He had a lot of personality, even then” reflects Kareem, as he, Francis and I glance at some concept artwork and look back to the early days of the now iconic character’s origins. “I think it was the cheekiness. Dave always does that, pays attention to personality and very subtle things. When YellowHead was pulling the big old rock, the character looked like he was straining, even though there was no supporting animation… his little debug arms stretching as he pulled.” YellowHead was very much placeholder programmer art created by Dave for the first playable CraftWorld code which was taken up to Sony on that fateful day of the pitch. But although he was merely a stand in, he ended up dictating the proportions of Sackboy, and the things he would need to be able to do. After the team got the go ahead to develop the game, the character needed to evolve into a proper character to fit the game’s developing art style, and so Mark, Francis and Kareem all went to the drawing board and started to concept. For quite some time the character was still called YellowHead and indeed kept the yellow head after which he was named.
Head to the Mm Blog to read the full article, complete with lots of unseen concept art, and footage of some unused Sackboy death animations.