The Incredibles Costume Kit


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Release Date: 
8 Apr 2010

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Product Compatibility: 
LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet Karting, LittleBigPlanet PSVita
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Edna Costume: Edna's Glasses, Edna Mode Costume, Edna Mode Nose, Edna Mode Wig, Edna Mode Dress.
Syndrome Costume: Syndrome Boots, Syndrome Costume, Syndrome Mask, Syndrome Gloves, Syndrome Wig, Syndrome Pants, Syndrome Cape, Syndrome Top.
Frozone Costume: Frozone Super Suit Boots, Frozone Super Suit Costume, Frozone Refraction Goggles, Frozone Beard, Frozone Super Suit Gloves, Frozone Super Suit Hood, Frozone Super Suit Pants, Frozone Super Suit Top.
The Incredibles Super Suit Costumes: The Incredibles Super Suit Boots, The Incredibles Super Suit Mask, The Incredibles Super Suit Costume, The Incredibles Super Suit Gloves, The Incredibles Super Suit Pants, The Incredibles Super Suit Top Dash Wig, Dash Outfit Jack-Jack Wig, Jack-Jack Costume Bob Parr Wig, Mr Incredible Super Suit Costume, Mr Incredible Torso Helen Parr Wig, Mrs. Incredible Super Suit Costume, Mrs. Incredible Super Suit Torso Violet Wig, Violet Costume.
Mr. Incredible Retro Super Suit Costume: Mr Incredible Retro Super Suit Boots, Mr Incredible Retro Super Suit Costume, Mr Incredible Retro Super Suit Gloves, Mr Incredible Retro Super Suit Pants, Mr Incredible Retro Super Suit Top.

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