19 Nov 2010

Today LittleBigPlanet PSP celebrates its first birthday!

So, where are we a year after the game's release? Well, the Community Moon now contains over 130,000 community levels, with well over 1,500 published every week, some of which are of truly exceptional quality. The LBP PSP community is thriving, with strong communication and support between creators; we're on our seventh community competition, with creators running each one very professionally, as well as coming up with cool ideas for themes; and collaborations like the mighty 'Kindred' and the '12 Days of Christmas' have taken us by surprise with their remarkable dedication and organisation. A community this passionate is something very special indeed, and the SCE Cambridge Studio greatly appreciates all the amazing talent and energy that the community creators have put in over the last twelve months. The following creators in particular deserve recognition for their substantial involvement and hard work, please put your hands together for: * ali985/AlisMuffin * amazingflyingpoo * Arrestor/Maboe84 * b-coli * BlueBulletBill * Captain-Rule * Cheeze-Bo * Coxy224 * CyberSora * Domick12 * famouscustard * Fastbro * fodawim * jeffcu28 * jysgdvc * Lleonard * MattAstr * minimmo1986 * NightAngel321 * Salieri/SalieriAAX * Spark151 * Taffey/tsr13 * The-Questor * VelcroJonze Well done, you've made the community an even more wonderful place. The last year for LBP PSP has been a year to be proud of, with imaginative, funny, and cleverly constructed levels. We look forward to seeing what the community will produce over the next year! Happy creating, AceCreator.