19 Jan 2011

The LittleBigMap

The LittleBigMap collates together LBP discussions and content from across the web, and plots some of the latest and best videos, pics and tweets on a handy and familiar map interface. So, at a glance you can see that thousands of people are contributing to the LBP community from all over the world – and then you can zoom in, navigate around and take a look at some of the content they’re sharing. There are some nice photos in Hawaii, for starters. :)
The extra cool thing is – the LittleBigMap notices when lbp.me URLs are included in video descriptions, screenshots and tweets, and automatically pulls in stats and information about that level. It’s another way of discovering the most fun and creative levels that people are talking about around the world, and it’ll grow as more of you start to make use of lbp.me URLs around the web. So check it out!
littlebigplanet 2