26 Apr 2010

PSP Update 2.05 - Cherry Pie

*New Objects* * The Microbomb: a smaller shockbomb, which can kill creature brains and Sackboy, but won’t break anything else. Small, red and deadly, the microbomb is our new favourite toy, ideal as a grenade or as an explosive tip for a missile. Ka-boom. * The Magic Eye: give your creatures (and anything else) some peepers. Just put eyes on something, anything, and it’ll look at Sackboy when he’s near it, as well as making that object suddenly look sentient, and well, a bit weird. *Functions* * Flip for Objects is now supported, so you can make them face in either direction. Very handy for vehicles. * Front View: removes all perspective, allowing that extra level of precision for all you creators who like to see exactly what you’re doing. * Circular shapes are now true circles. Previously they were twelve-sided objects, and not really round at all. Now, observe their sumptuous circularity. * Stickers now scale when the object they’re on is re-sized, saving you all a load of time. Which is good. * Improved overall stability. What we mean is that things should now do exactly what they should, as opposed to sometimes doing things that they shouldn’t (we think you know what we mean). * Support for the ‘Turbo! Premium Level Kit’. Just in case you missed any of the earlier updates, check out the game updates page to see them all!