7 Jun 2012

New features for LBP.me: Lists and Pins!


We're pleased to announce that this week we're launching some powerful new share features to the LittleBigPlanet community portal, LBP.me! If you're someone who loves hunting down the very best community creations and sharing them with the world, we're got just the thing for you...


...aka LOLZ - Lists of "LevelZ"

This is the biggest feature update for LBP.me since we launched the site. Lists are shareable collections of levels, unique to LBP.me. Anyone signed in to LBP.me can create a list – in fact, everyone is allowed to create up to twenty lists. Adding a list is simple. Simply head on over to a level page that you'd like to add to a new list. On a level profile page, you'll notice a shiny new List button, click that and you'll see a pop-down control appear. Underneath where it says "Create a new list" there is a text field - use this to type in a name for your list and hit save. Congratulations! You've created your first list, and added a level to it. You can add up to forty levels to a list. Underneath your newly added list, there's a handy link that says "View my lists" - click that and you'll be taken to your own Lists page, which will list all your, er, Lists. Coincidentally, it's worth mentioning that if a list of levels is also known as a "LOLZ", then a list of lists of levelz, should naturally be referred to as a LOLOLZ. Moving on... From here, you can click on a list to be taken to its own page. Here you can edit the name or add a description to your list. You can also heart a list, or - wait for it - queue the list. Queueing a list will add every single level in the list to your queue, ready to play the next time you load LBP. Back on your profile page, you'll notice some new menu items - Lists (if you have created any lists) and Hearted lists (if you have hearted any lists). Likewise, back on a levels profile page there's also a menu item for Lists, that lets everyone see the lists which a level has been added to. We're super-excited about the lists feature and we're hoping that it will really help the LittleBigPlanet community to share their tastes and interests through collections of levels. A whole new world for Sharers!


Profile Pins, as you may remember, used to be shown on player pages on LBP.me - but we had some issues to fix so we removed them from the site earlier this year. Well, you'll be pleased to hear that pins are BACK and they're bigger and better. All your pins are now shown on your profile, accessible from a new menu item: Pin Progress. The page shows your entire pins collection and the progress you're making at collecting them - You can click a pin for a description and progress information. Plus, you can check out other players pins from their profiles, so you can either laugh at their poor attempts to collect them all, or hide in shame at their vastly superior gaming exploits. Either way, everyone can show off their pins collection now. We've also made a number of smaller changes and improvements throughout the site, which you may notice as you browse around. What are you waiting for? Head on over to LBP.me to check out the new features.
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