29 Apr 2010

LittleBigPlanet Central’s Creator Spotlight: Morgana25

*If you could list your favorite thing about LittleBigPlanet, what would it be?* My favorite thing about the game is that you have this wonderful set of tools to express yourself creatively. You can tell stories, make beautiful images or scenes, create characters and any number of other things that are uniquely you. I really love that it brings artsy, creative types and logical, engineering types together too. The mix of art and science doesn't happen enough in real life. Imagine what people could do if it did! *Aside from drawing inspiration from other creators and levels, is there anything in the world outside of LittleBigPlanet that inspires you?* Well my career as a graphic designer has influenced my work a lot. All of my levels, with the exception of the very first one, have big title treatments. I think that's from my love of fonts. I also have a thing for dragons and they tend to pop up in my work a lot. I'm also a not so secret space geek and I love playing and trying to make space themed stuff. I'm not so good at it but I have fun trying. I think the biggest influence on my work from my real life is my color choices though. *If you worked for Media Molecule, what would your first order of business be?* I'd love to expand the number of publishable slots beyond 20, make it so you could move objects between the three thick layers while playing a level, fix the lock ups in online create when rewinding, and make each of the various thermometer levels visible in create mode, but truth be told, the first thing I'd do is find one of those plush Sackboys laying around the office and put it on my desk!
The full spotlight can be read over on LittleBigPlanet Central, along with several other interviews with star creators. Expect more to appear soon too!