15 Apr 2011

Contraption Challenge 13: Submarine

We're starting fairly simple and asking you to make a contraption that can swim underwater. It doesn't have to look like a "typical" submarine; it could be a robotic shark, an underwater car, even a scuba diving rocket cheetah - as long as it swims underwater, the more creative it is the better! Here are the requirements: * Sackboy has to be able to enter and exit the contraption out of the water. * Sackboy must control it from within the driver's seat - no remote control. * It needs to be able to travel in all directions underwater. * It should behave differently when not underwater. This could simply just be making it float on the surface so that it isn't able to continue swimming in the air (which would look a bit weird). * Nothing else is required. Torpedoes etc. can be added, but it's not what we're asking for, so we'd rather you focus on making the swimming fun and interesting.
Check out the video of the contraption challenges that were run in the beta, and then get your butts over to the EU Playstation forums and enter yourself into the challenge!
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