7 May 2010

‘Turbo! Pack’ Development Diary 7: ‘Sub Standard’

Another problem I had was that if Sackboy dies while in the submarine near the start, the submarine’s new version can’t be emitted because the old one’s in the way. Solution: when Sackboy’s absent (dying removes him from the level momentarily), metal blocks are emitted inside the submarine to make it nice and heavy. Useful Submarine facts: * The control platform only rises when there is a blue magnetic key near the conning tower. * The submarine hatch opens when Sackboy is near it. If Sackboy is on the control platform when it’s in its lowered position, he’s far enough away for it to close. Try making your own submarine, with some torpedo launchers and more powerful rockets. Next, it was the tank; probably the most fun you can have that doesn’t involve cake (we like cake). Unless you’re blowing up a cake with a tank, I suppose.

Anyway, we needed a rolling machine of awesome destructive power, and all was going well until we realised two things: * Our impact shockbombs are a bit big to put on a tank missile, and are very powerful (they can push objects around a lot when they go off). * Caterpillar tracks are ridiculously intensive on the game’s physics and can affect the game’s frame rate. It’s not that they can’t be done, but we want to fill our levels with lovely stuff, and they just weren’t important enough. So we decided to do the following: * Invent microbombs! These puppies pack the same lethal punch as the impact shockbomb – they’ll kill Sackboy or any unprotected creature brain within range – but they won’t push objects around at all. They’re small, red and we love them. Ka-boom! * Forget about caterpillar tracks.

We really enjoy that moment when you bring the tank’s gun turret down to bear on a helpless character/creature. Complete the ‘Sub Standard’ level to get the tank and the submarine. To get all the blue toy soldiers, you’ll need to ace the level and collect all the prize bubbles. A submarine and a tank – great work. What’s next on the list? Something that makes bridges? We’ll look at how we got on with that next time.
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