14 Oct 2010

Kindred - A PSP Community Project

AceCreator, the official Sack Spokesperson for LBP PSP delivered this message about kindred he wished to pass along to you all...
We can honestly say that we didn't see this coming; 'a collaborative project that introduces a brand new story level series to the PSP community.' Fantastic! Well, a project of this kind of scope and ambition deserves recognition, and is to be applauded. The very professional publicity image had already caught our eye here at Cambridge (nice work, dajdaj03), so we were intrigued, along with everyone else. That's quite a team you guys have assembled there: amazingflyingpoo, Arrestor/Maboe84, BlueBulletBill, CyberSora, Domick12, Fastbro, jeffcu28, Lleonard Pler/Lleonard, salieri/SalieriAAX, Spark15, Taffey/tsr13, VelcroJonze. We've come to know your talent and individual styles through all the community competitions, and some of you have already received Sackies from us for your hard work. This level of teamwork and ambition has seriously impressed us, and we're confident you'll live up to the hype, given the credentials of your team. The prologue level is a very cool teaser: simple, but atmospheric, and it definitely does the job, because now we want to play the levels! I and the rest of the LBP PSP team look forward with great interest to what 'Kindred' will deliver. Regards, AceCreator.
Read more about the project on LBPC, and check out the awesome teaser trailer below!