My downloaded add-on does not work in-game!

18 Sep 2012

There are various reasons why your downloadable add-on content might not be appearing in-game. Have a look over the following possible reasons; hopefully one of them will solve your problem!

Install the latest game update

Unless you have the latest patch installed, you will be unable to use any of the more recent DLC you have purchased. Connect your PS3™ to the internet, and run the game – it will auto update.

Install the add-on from the XMB™

If you bought your content from the PlayStation®Store, you must then also install it from the XMB™. If you bought the content in-game from the LittleBigStore then you will not need to install it.

You have purchased content from a store with a different region to your game disc

This is the most common reason for Downloadable Content not working. The downloadable items in the store are region locked, and can only be used by a game disc from the same region.

Find out what region your disc is from

On the disc there will be a ‘GAME ID’ in the form of four letters and five numbers such as BCES-00141. Ignore the numbers and look at the letters, and compare this to the list below.

  • BCES – Europe
  • BCUS – North America
  • BCJS – Japanese
  • BCAS – Asian
  • BCOS – Oceana

Whatever the code on your disc is, you must buy content from the corresponding regional PlayStation®Store for it to work!

Changing the region of the store you connect to

Create a new user on your PS3™ and a new PlayStation®Network account to go with it, setting your location to match your game disc. You can use this account to buy content from the store, and it will work for all the accounts on your PS3™.

Testing your account

You can test out your settings to make sure Downloadable Content will work for you by downloading the Creator Pack 1, which is free. If this installs and works ok, everything else will too.

If you are still having problems…

If you are still having problems, please contact Sony support, or ask around in the forums.