How do I download the add-on content?

18 Sep 2012

There are two ways to get your hands on the downloadable content, the PlayStation®Store, and the LittleBigStore.


  1. From XMB™, go to the Game menu, scroll down to the ‘PlayStation®Store’ option, and press CROSS
  2. In the PlayStation®Store, browse to ‘All Games A-Z’
  3. Browse to ‘PS3™ Content’
  4. Browse to ‘J-L’
  5. Browse to ‘LittleBigPlanet’

Before you you will see all the available downloadable add on content, some free, some paid for – have a browse around and see if anything takes your fancy, or you can browse it online right now in our Downloadable Content Catalogue.

Note: Remember to install the content after you have downloaded it, or it will not appear in-game!


You can also buy the downloadable add-on content kits straight from in-game by accessing your POD computer, and scrolling down to the LittleBigStore option.