Can I play LittleBigPlanet in language X even if my disc is from region Y?

18 Sep 2012

This is tricky to answer as there are so many language/region combinations possible.

Most of the languages that LittleBigPlanet was translated to are available from most of the different region discs simply by changing the language in the XMB™. This will change your PlayStation®3 system’s language and LittleBigPlanet will change to match, but only if that language is available on your disc.

Beyond: Two Souls DLC on the store now!

26 Mar 2014
Jodie Pose LittleBigPlanet receives a collection of new costumes this week based on the cast of Beyond: Two Souls, developed by our friends at Quantic Dream.

iota and atoi arrive in the Tearaway Minipack DLC

26 Feb 2014
Everyone’s favourite messengers from the fantastical, papery world of Tearaway arrive to LittleBigPlanet this week to spread their message of courage, determination and companionship to Sackfolk all-around. These two new costumes are now available...