Are there any special search terms to help me find levels faster?

18 Sep 2012

There are some special search terms that can be used in the Search Text option that will help you find the level you desire. You can read more about finding cool levels in the Community Levels section of the Game Guide.

Search Text

The Search Text option allows you to type in some words and search the LittleBigPlanet for levels, just like you could search the internet for a cheese emporium or something of that ilk. Like the internet, there are special search terms you can use to refine your search and better help you find the things you were looking for…

Search everything

Just enter some text and hit search and your POD will search far and wide for all levels containing your text – and it will look at level names, level descriptions and creator names.

Search for a Creator

Putting @ before your search words will restrict the search to looking at creator names. For instance type @LittleXim to look for levels by LittleXim
Search for words in Level Title only

To search for words in Level Title only, put a $ in front of the search word . For example, to search for levels with ‘ramp’ in the Level Title type: $ramp

Search for exact words

To search for exact words, use single quotation marks, like this: ‘ramp’
So this would look for only ramp. Not ram, ranp, rampy or Peter Frampton

Search for phrases only

To search by phrase, say, ‘The Mighty Tower of Ultimate Doom’, use double quotes, like this:
“The Mighty Tower of Ultimate Doom”
This will search only the Level Title & Level Description for exactly that phrase.

Combine Searches

You can also combine these searches for great justice.