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The Muppets Premium Level Kit

The Muppets Premium Level Kit (header)


The audience whispers excitedly as the lights dim in Muppet Theatre. Indeed, tonight’s Muppet Show features quite the special guest. It is none other than Little Big Planet’s very own Sackboy! But beware; the mysterious Phantom has plans to get in the way. With the help of new inventions – Attract-O-Gel and Attract-O-Tweak – it’ll be up to you to help the Muppet cast put on the show of a lifetime. On with the show!


Rowlf Costume: Rowlf Costume: Rowlf Body, Rowlf Ears, Rowlf Eyes, Rowlf Glove, Rowlf Material, Rowlf Nose 5 Brand new The Muppets themed Levels A new material, "Attract-O-Gel", allowing Sackboy to walk on walls! A new level background 13 Materials 49 Decorations 4 Objects 18 Audio & Music Objects 219 Stickers 7 brand new PlayStation® Trophies

Pricing & Availability

Release date: 25 Jan 2012
Release dates may vary, depending on your territory.
Price: £4.79
Product compatibility: LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet 2
Included: Costumes, Decorations, Objects, Sound effects, Backgrounds, Materials, Functionality, Music, Trophies, Costumes, Stickers, Decorations, Objects, Levels