29 Aug 2012

If you were to stand on LittleBigPlanet and try to imagine a more astounding, fantastic and creative place, full of enthralling adventure, uncanny characters, and brilliant things to do... you couldn’t. All imagination is here, and what you do with it all is entirely up to you.

Defeat the Negativitron in LittleBigPlanet™2, race in a bathtub with friends in LittleBigPlanet™Karting or play anywhere with the touchy-feely magic of LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita. You can meet quirky characters and collect the many and varied tools and objects to customise your LittleBigPlanet, or just simply enjoy the people and puzzles they’ve set.

Helping you on this quest for gaming glory is Sackboy, the cutest burlap chap you’ve ever seen. This wondrous little fellow shares your adventures through LittleBigPlanet and can be anything you want him to be. As you gad about LittleBigPlanet, you’ll collect all kinds of clothing and accessories to customise him however you wish. Maybe he could be a character from your favourite movie, TV show or game? Or perhaps your favourite pet! You can even download more dress-up goodies from the PlayStation®Store. Make him – or, if you prefer, her – the star of the show… along with you, of course.

When you’ve completed the wonderful story modes that we’ve created for you, it’s time to head out into the LittleBigPlanet community. Play some of the inventive levels, games and other creations that have been lovingly constructed by other sackfolk all around the world. There are literally millions of them, and come in all different shapes and sizes. You can search for something very particular, or if you’re not fussy, dive straight in to a game with a bunch of other happy gadders.

If that’s not enough, you can build your very own games and adventures in LittleBigPlanet with easy to use tools. Turn Sackboy into a dashing hero through a perilous dungeon, make him ride a wooden horse with fluffy ears, or create a mind-boggling puzzle game. Upload your brilliant creations to PlayStation Network and share them with the world.

So, where will your Sackboy go today? Will he romp about on a wild safari on the savannah? Will he dance a merry hornpipe on a ship in flames? Maybe he’ll put his perfect woolly feet up somewhere quiet and charming? It’s entirely up to you.

The possibilities are endless with LittleBigPlanet. So, what do you say? Let’s get out there and play!

Beyond: Two Souls DLC on the store now!

26 Mar 2014
Jodie Pose LittleBigPlanet receives a collection of new costumes this week based on the cast of Beyond: Two Souls, developed by our friends at Quantic Dream.

iota and atoi arrive in the Tearaway Minipack DLC

26 Feb 2014
Everyone’s favourite messengers from the fantastical, papery world of Tearaway arrive to LittleBigPlanet this week to spread their message of courage, determination and companionship to Sackfolk all-around. These two new costumes are now available...